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  • Infographic: Top 7 States with the Highest Nursing Demand

    It’s no surprise that the United States as a whole is experiencing a nursing shortage that’s expected to grow. For nurses and nursing students alike, this is a good thing. Plenty of diverse nursing jobs are available in every state. However, when it comes to deciding where you should pursue your career for the long run, some regions may be smarter choices than others.

    The American Journal of Medical Quality predicts these 7 states will have the most available RN positions in 2030.

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  • 5 Reasons to Switch Your Career and Become a Nurse

    5 reasons to switch your career and become a nurse
    Nursing is a great career choice for many people. Some people start out their career as a nurse but many go back to school to become a nurse later on in life. No matter your path to becoming a nurse there are lots of benefits to nursing as a profession. Some of these benefits are outlined below.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should switch your career to become a nurse:

    • Flexibility – Depending on the type of nurse you become you have the option to work a number of different shift types. Some nurses choose to work one 4-hour shift a week while others enjoy working paid overtime by adding an additional 12-hour shift.
    • Career Diversity – There are over 70 different types of nurses that you can choose from as a nurse. If you don’t enjoy one type of nursing, you can easily switch to become a different type of nurse.
    • Global Demand – Anywhere you go in the country (or the world for that matter) you will find nurses. So no matter where in the world life takes you, there will be opportunities for a nursing job. Some nurses even choose to travel the world as a traveling nurse.
    • The Pay – You should never do a job just for the money. But nurses do make good wages and there is always room for pay advancement with advanced nursing degrees. Even with an entry-level nursing degree, you should expect to make wages well above the national average.
    • There is a Clear Path – Unlike many jobs, there is a clear job path to becoming a nurse. If you have a previous bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field you can become a nurse quickly with an accelerated nursing program. If you don’t have a previous bachelor’s degree, you can enroll in a 2-year nursing program or a 4-year nursing program.
    • Bonus! You Get to Be the Hero – As a nurse, you see people at some of their lowest points. You, as a nurse, get to help build them up. You provide care, support, and encouragement.

    Ready to switch your career and become a nurse? If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field check out all of the accelerated BSN programs around the country. If you don’t already have a BSN you can still switch you career and become a nurse. There are lots of traditional BSN programs out there as well. You are sure to find a program that is a perfect fit for you.

  • 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Attending Nursing School

    3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Attending Nursing SchoolNursing isn’t just any old career, and nursing school isn’t just any old educational program. It takes a special person to be successful in both nursing school and a nursing career. The challenges affecting nurses and nursing students are unique, but the rewards make them worthwhile.

    So, are you the type of person who will achieve great things in nursing school and as a nurse?

    We’ve put together a few questions to ask yourself before you make the decision to enroll in a nursing program:

    1. Are you a positive person? Your attitude makes all the difference. From a difficult lab class during nursing school to a long shift at the hospital, your positivity will permeate through everything you do. A negative attitude in nursing school and a nursing career will get you nowhere. Enter the nursing school process full of optimism and remain that way.
    2. Are you committed to nursing? Nursing school takes a lot of time. Even accelerated nursing programs or online programs require a huge time commitment. Be ready to make nursing school your priority. From hours of reading to clinicals, your devotion to the program you choose and to a nursing career must be strong.
    3. Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Although nursing pays well, most nurses don’t enter the profession for the money. They become nurses because they want to make a difference. If your will to make a difference in patients’ lives guides you, everything else will easily fall into place.

    If you answered yes to the above questions, get back to researching nursing schools! The world needs more nurses, and you’re ready to rise to the challenge.

  • Best Places to Live as a Nurse

    best places to live as a nurseWhen it comes to being a nurse, there really is no bad place to live. As long as the area where you are located is populated, there are likely nursing jobs to be had. That being said, there are some areas in the U.S. that have more perks than others.

    For example, if you’re looking for a top-paying job, you might want to consider living in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland or New Jersey. These 5 states offer the highest average salaries in the U.S. for nurses. Keep in mind this number does not take into account the cost of living in these areas.

    top paying states for nursesHere are the top 5 paying states for nurses and their salaries:

    • California – $80,980
    • Hawaii – $79,390
    • Massachusetts – $76,080
    • Maryland – $74,100
    • New Jersey – $73,030

    If you are looking for job growth or job stability, you may want to consider being a nurse in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Texas or Utah. These 5 states offer the largest expected increase in nurses from 2012-2020.

    Here are the top 5 states with the largest increase in nursing jobs from 2012-2020:

    • Idaho – 40% increase in nursing jobs
    • Montana – 39% increase in nursing jobs
    • Colorado – 37% increase in nursing jobs
    • Texas – 33% increase in nursing jobs
    • Utah – 33% increase in nursing jobs

    Happy job hunting!

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