Would Your Spirit Animal Make a Good Nurse?

Do you believe you have a spirit animal inside of you?

Some people believe they have the heart of a lion and identify with the king of the jungle as their counterpart in the animal kingdom, or “spirit animal.” A few of us at Find Nursing Schools believe that we have spirit animals and this got us thinking… What if the tables were turned and these animals were asked the same question, and spirit animals had to pick their “spirit human,” complete with a career? For example, a beaver may chose a “spirit career” as a builder or architect because they build a lot. Since so many animals live to serve others and care for humans, we started thinking that some animals would make great nurses! And others… not so much. So here is Find Nursing Schools’ picks of animals who would make great nurses and animals who would not.


Spirit Animals that would make great nurses include…


1. Dog (Canine lupus familiaris)

Spirit Career: Critical Care Nurse

Key Attributes: Dogs would make great nurses for all ages, from children needing specialized pediatric care, patients with disabilities, geriatric patients, and everything in between. There is a dog breed for every type of person, just as there is a nurse for everyone. Dogs by nature are attentive, as are good nurses. Dogs can handle stressful situations, follow directions, stay on their feet long periods of time, and do whatever they can to help their “master” or “patients” on demand. They are nurturing and selfless, they make special bonds with humans, and dogs always aim to please. Because dogs are ultra-attentive, alert, and available at any beck and call, canines would make great critical care nurse. Plus, they could cheer anyone up!

Also, with organizational skills and experience, they could make great material for nursing management!

2. Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)

Spirit Career: Registered Nurse

Key Attributes: Chimpanzees exhibit very human-like traits, probably due to this species of primate having a very similar neurobiology as humans, meaning that humans and chimpanzees produce some of the same hormones in their brains. This makes chimpanzees have human-like tendencies, such as conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness as well as disagreeableness, and aggression. Just like with humans, it depends on the type of chimpanzee or person you encounter on whether they would be a good nurse, but generally, chimpanzees are very intelligent, open, generous, and loving towards other chimpanzees, as well as humans. Due to their intellect, good memory, and big hearts, as well as inherent problem solving skills, they would make a great registered nurse in a hospital setting.

3. Sloth (Bradypus torquatus)

Spirit Career: Neuroscience Nurse

Key Attributes: These adorable, often falsely accused “lazy” sloths would actually make great specialty nurses, such a neuroscience nurses, because of their patient and thoughtful demeanor. These medium-sized, unique mammals are surprisingly intelligent and help other sloths with tasks, such as grooming themselves, which would come in handy with patients needing help completing tasks due to disabilities and injury. Because they are sensitive, calm, and often happy animals, they would provide a good healing environment for patients with neurological disorders.

4. Crow (Corvus)

Spirit Career: Travel Nurse

Key Attributes: Of the avian species, crows are among the most intelligent, with their brain-to-body ratio being not far off at all from that of a chimpanzee or even human! They have an excellent memory, problem solving skills, can learn a language, can recite words and melodies, and have developed the ability to use tools. Crows also can feel and demonstrate emotions. Members of the Corvid family are all-in-all great survivors and adapt very quickly to their environment. These attributes combined with their ability to fly so far in their lifetime (nearly an average of 40 miles per day) would make crows great candidates for travel nurse positions.

5. Pig (Sus scrofa)

Spirit Career: Wound Care Nurse

Key Attributes: Pigs and humans have always had good bonds, and perhaps it is because they demonstrate similar behaviors. Pigs are the fourth-smartest mammal on the planet. The highly intelligent, affectionate, and social manners that pigs demonstrate make them excellent contenders for a spirit career in nursing. However, it is their very tidy organizational habits and reputation as the “cleanest animals in the world” that would make them particularly good wound care nurses or even burn care nurses. It may be surprising to know that pigs are such clean animals since they are famous for rolling in the mud, but they only do this to cool down since they do not have sweat glands. Their cleanliness and self-cleaning skills would make them awesome specialty nurses when sterility is an important factor.

We hope you enjoyed this list of spirit animals who would have a great spirit career in nursing. If you would like to learn about more nursing specialties and nursing degree options, stay tuned to our Find Nursing Schools blog to keep up with news in the nursing career field, online education, tips for nursing students, nursing resources, and help on finding a nursing school. If you are ready to get started on your way to become a nurse, call 1.866.892.1466 today to speak with an academic advisor or fill out this contact form and we will reach out to you soon!


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