Accelerated BSN Program (ABSN)

Become a nurse through an Accelerated BSN program

What is an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program?

Accelerated BSN programs (ABSN) are second-degree BSN programs. In addition to giving students credit for completed liberal arts requirements, an accelerated BSN program allows students to complete  course requirements quicker than a traditional BSN program. Accelerated BSN programs take 12-20 months to complete. This is the quickest path to licensure as a registered nurse (RN) for adults who have already completed a non-nursing bachelor’s or graduate degree. Many career switchers choose this type of program so they may start their new careers sooner.


Structure of Accelerated BSN Program

On-site ABSN programs are structured just like Traditional BSN programs–they just move much faster. Many schools offer blended learning programs in addition to traditional an on-site Accelerated BSN program. With this type of degree, students complete a combination of online-based coursework and in-person labs and clinicals. This offers students flexibility without removing the critical hands-on experience of learning in a lab and hospital setting. Featured accelerated BSN programs are listed at the bottom of this page. If you don’t see a program near you, feel free to search for a program near you in our directory.


Accelerated BSN Program Features

  • Second Degree BSN Program
  • Completion within 12-20 months
  • Quickest path to licensure
  • Blended learning offered


Featured ABSN Programs