MSN / MSHA Nursing Education Degree

A joint degree, the MSN/MSHA nursing education degree combines a master’s degree in nursing with a master’s degree in health administration. This degree allows current nurses to propel their careers forward and increase earning potential by advancing their nursing science education and positioning themselves to move into executive leadership roles in health care programs and organizations. Registered nurses who complete a joint MSN/MSHA program will have employment opportunities in a broad range of health-related fields, including health insurance companies, hospitals, long term care facilities and private medical practices.

Nursing Schools around the country that offer similar programs.

Ohio Nursing Schools

  • University of Akron
    • Programs Offered

      • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
      • Second-degree BSN (Accelerated BSN)
      • For LPNs: Bachelor's of Science in Nursing
      • For RNs: Bachelor's of Science in Nursing
      • MSN - Clinical Nurse Specialist
      • MSN - Nurse Practitioner
      • MSN - Nurse Anesthetist
      • MSN - Nursing Administration
      • Master's Degree in Public Health
      • DNP
      • Nursing PhD