No Wait List Nursing Degrees

Many colleges and universities across the country have wait lists for their nursing degrees, ranging from a wait of one to multiple semesters. Students are encouraged to research and understand nursing school wait lists. A wait list could be an indicator of a in-demand, high-quality curriculum, but it could also be a result of the college’s public relations and advertising.

Similarly, potential nursing students should not assume that schools with no wait lists are not quality programs. In fact, many colleges with no wait lists have qualified faculty, rigorous curriculum and offer valuable clinical experience with reputable hospitals. While being wait listed is acceptable for some individuals, nursing degree programs with no wait lists offer the advantage of earning a degree quicker and starting a career sooner.


What to Do if You’re on a Nursing School’s Wait List

  1. Research the school’s policy. Sometimes there are actions to take that can improve list position, such as retake the TEAS practice test. However, other lists are random and that can be done is to wait.
  2. Find out how long the wait is. Not everyone can afford to sit on a waiting list for months, or in some cases years. Finding out how long the wait is provides a better understanding of the current situation.
  3. Find a nursing school without a wait list. There are several nursing schools without a waiting list around the country. We can help you find a nursing school in your area that meets your accreditation and NCLEX pass rate standards.


 What to Look for in a Nursing School

Instead of letting wait lists determine program quality, pay attention to the following criterion:

  • NCLEX Pass Rates. Does the nursing school prepare its graduating students for the NCLEX? The national average for bachelor’s degrees is around 88%. Can the school meet or exceed this rate?
  • Accreditation. Are the school and nursing program both accredited? Accreditation is an excellent sign of how rigorous the nursing program curriculum is.
  • Industry Respect. Do employers respect the academic institution? This could affect finding a job after graduation.
  • Clinical Practice Partners. Will clinicals take place in an award-winning healthcare facility? The hands-on experience gained while still in school can help when job hunting.

You can often find a nursing program without a wait list that fulfills each of these.