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Alaska is experiencing the turmoil of the nursing shortage more severely than any state in the nation. By 2015, the state is expected to be deficient 60% of the nurses needed in hospitals. In the past decade, over 10,000 healthcare jobs were created in Alaska.  There is predicted to be nearly 7,000 more openings by 2020 for registered nurses in Alaska.  Fewer registered nurses work full-time in Alaska (75%) compared to the US in general (91%).  Nearly half of the state’s registered nurses work in Anchorage.  The state’s 16 hospitals are the primary employers of Alaska’s registered nurses, where about half of them work.


About Alaska

Alaska, also called “America’s Last Frontier”, is known for being the largest and most northern US state, its glaciers and northern lights, and its long winter nights. Its capitol, Juneau, is rich in fishing, mining, and tourism. The most popular sporting event in Alaska is the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, also called the last great race on earth, which runs annually in early march from Anchorage to Nome.  Many of the state’s universities and colleges are located in Anchorage including the University of Alaska and Anchorage University, not surprising considering nearly half of the state’s population resides in this major freight port.  Given the beauty and vastness of the state, it is no wonder Alaska’s motto urges us to go “North to the Future”.

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Nursing programs offered in Alaska

  • Alaska Vocational Technical Center +
    • Programs Offered

      • Nurse Assistant
      • Practical Nurse
      • Associates of Applied Science - RN
      • LPN to RN


      Alaska Board of Nursing

  • Charter College +
    • Programs Offered

      • ASN


      Alaska Board of Nursing

  • University of Alaska Anchorage +
    • Programs Offered

      • AAS
      • LPN to AAS
      • Bachelor of Science - Basic Student Option
      • RN to BS
      • Family Nurse Practitioner (MS)
      • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MS)
      • Nursing Education (MS)
      • Graduate Certificates