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By the year 2025, Florida is expected to reach a nursing deficit of over 50,000 nurses. As more and more senior citizens retire to Florida, the demand for healthcare providers, particularly those with geriatric experience, continues to exceed the supply. Though there is a stout demand for registered nurses in Florida in general, the need for nurses with bachelor’s degrees or higher is constantly on the rise. The mandate for nurses is greatest in hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies. The nursing shortage in Florida manifests in both rural areas and metropolitan areas, such as Orlando and Miami. About 60% of Floridian registered nurses currently work in hospitals, while other proprietors include physician’s offices, home healthcare services, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and outpatient care centers. Some of the leading employers for nurses in Florida include BayCare Health System, HCA West Florida Division and Memorial Healthcare System, just to name a few.


About Florida

The peninsula of Florida lies between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and hosts a diverse geography, with beaches spanning along the coastlines, forests, and the infamous wetlands of the Everglades. The tropical and subtropical climate of the state gives way to its nickname “The Sunshine State”, although rain and more severe storms make their way to the southern state on occasion. Florida is known for its amusement parks, wildlife, oranges, sports, and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The largest metropolitan area in the state is Miami, followed by Tampa and then Orlando. Florida is one of the seven states that does not impose income tax and is steadily recovering from the national recession, aided by tourism and agriculture.

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Nursing programs offered in Florida

  • Utica College +
    • Programs Offered

      • BSN
      • RN to BSN
      • Accelerated BSN



  • Adventist University of Health Sciences +
    • Programs Offered

      • Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
      • Online RN to BSN
      • Nurse Anesthetist



  • Barry University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Traditional BSN 
      • Accelerated BSN
      • RN to BSN
      • Nurse Executive Leadership (MSN)
      • Nurse Educator (MSN)
      • Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
      • RN to MSN
      • Post-Baccalaureate Doctorate in Nursing Practice
      • Doctorate in Nursing Practice
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing



  • Broward College +
    • Programs Offered

      • Associate Degree in Nursing
      • Pre-Nursing
      • LPN-RN Nursing Transition AS
      • RN-BSN



  • Florida Atlantic University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Traditional track
      • Accelerated track
      • RN to BSN
      • Adult Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
      • Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
      • Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
      • Nursing Administration and Financial Leadership  (MSN)
      • Clinical Nurse Leader (MSN)
      • Nurse Educator (MSN)
      • Advanced Holistic Nursing (MSN)
      • Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
      • Post-Master's Certificate Programs
      • DNP
      • PhD



  • Florida Gulf Coast University +
    • Programs Offered

      • B.S.N.
      • Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.N.)
      • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (M.S.N.)
      • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate