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The outlook for nurses in Minnesota is very bright. The average nurse’s salary is above the national average and most full-time employed nurses receive benefits from employers such as health insurance, sign-on bonuses, paid leave, and several other assistances. Hospitals employ approximately 60% of nurses in Minnesota, while physician’s offices, home healthcare services, nursing home and other personal care facilities employ the remainder. Some of the top employers of Minnesotan nurses are Saint Cloud Hospital, Abott Northwestern Hospital and Saint Mary’s Hospital. Approximately 50% of active nurses in Minnesota are registered nurses, 19% are licensed practical and vocation nurses, and 31% are nursing aides, orderlies or attendants. The greatest demand is for registered nurses with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Over the next several years, employment opportunities for registered nurses in Minnesota is projected to increase 22% by 2020.


About Minnesota

Minnesota’s name was derived by the Dakotan word meaning “sky-tinted water”. The state is appropriately dubbed the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, however, the nickname is technically an understatement, as there are actually 11,842 lakes in Minnesota. Paired with forests, wildlife reserves and national parks, the outdoor enthusiast will never fall short of activities. The capital of Minnesota is Minneapolis and the largest metropolitan area is referred to as the “Twin Cities” and consists of the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan areas, where 60% of Minnesotans call home. The state’s economy is thriving as thirty-three major publicly traded companies and a multitude of successful private companies have headquarters in Minnesota. The per capita personal income in the state is the tenth highest in the nation and the state has a progressive income tax structure and no sales tax on clothing, prescriptions, various services, and food.

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Nursing programs offered in Minnesota

  • Augsburg College +
    • Programs Offered

      • BSN Completion
      • Master of Arts in Nursing
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice



  • Central Lakes College +
    • Programs Offered

      • Nursing A.S. for LPNs
      • Nursing Assistant Certificate
      • Practical Nursing Diploma


      Minnesota Board of Nursing

  • College of Saint Scholastica +
    • Programs Offered

      • Traditional Undergraduate
      • Post-Baccalaureate
      • RN to BS Online
      • Master of Science in Advanced Practice Nursing
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice
      • Certificate in Nursing Informatics



  • University of Northwestern +
    • Programs Offered

      • BSN
      • Degree in Three (BSN)



  • Winona State University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Generic BS
      • RN to BS Completion Program
      • Master of Science (MS)
      • Graduate Certificate (GC)
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice