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New Mexico offers positive employment opportunities for nurses. By 2020, the employment rate for registered nurses is predicted to increase by 26% and by 22% for licensed practical and vocational nurses. New graduates will find a majority of jobs are in highly populated cities such as Albuquerque or Santa Fe, while advanced registered nurses and licensed practical and vocational nurses will find a plethora of opportunities in underserved, rural areas where the supply of doctors are low, such as Farmington. Registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree or higher will have an advantage over those with an associate’s degree because advanced registered nurses are in higher demand. Particularly, New Mexico is in need of registered nurses with administrative and clinical knowledge. Some of New Mexico’s principal employers of nurses include Memorial Medical Center, University of New Mexico Hospital, and Presbyterian Hospital.


About New Mexico

The Mountain State of New Mexico is known as the “Land of Enchantment” because of its majestic landscape consisting of rose-hued deserts, forests, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, caves, mesas, and flowing rivers, such as the Rio Grande, the fourth longest river in the nation. New Mexico’s culture is heavily influenced by its southern neighbor Mexico and Native American heritage. The Southwestern state holds world renowned historical landmarks such as the Aztec Ruins National Monument and the Valles Caldera National Preserve. The state’s capital is Santa Fe and the largest city is Albuquerque, both of which provide art and cultural meccas known for their unique architecture, museums, festivals, restaurants, cultural centers, and all mediums of arts.

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