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Rhode Island offers a abundance of nursing positions across the state as healthcare needs increase nationally and as aging nurses retire. By 2015, Rhode Island is predicted to experience a 34% deficit of nursing staff in healthcare facilities. Therefore, Rhode Island needs to fill a multitude of positions available for all levels of nurses. Nurses with bachelor’s degrees or higher are in demand. Registered nurses in Rhode Island are hired at three times the rate of licensed practical nurses and, on average, make $20,000 more each year. With an associate’s degree or certificate, the best jobs available are open for nurse’s assistants, as they are hired at twice the rate of licensed practical nurses. The average salary of Rhode Islander nurses is above the national average. In fact, Rhode Island is listed as one of the top five highest paying states for licensed practical and vocational nurses. Some of the top employers in Rhode Island include the Rhode Island Hospital and Kent Hospital.


About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is officially named the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It is the smallest state in the country and 14% of its total area is actually made up of bays and inlets from the Atlantic Ocean, giving way to its official nickname “The Ocean State”. The state’s capital and largest city is Providence, which is also the center of the Rhode Islander population. The tiny state’s notability is much larger than its land mass, as it is famous for unique cuisines like Gaggers and Snail Salad, the non-rhotic accent and exclusive terminology, maritime culture, stone-ender architecture, The Great Gatsby, low numbered license plates, golf and major league sports.

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Nursing programs offered in Rhode Island

  • Community College of Rhode Island +
    • Programs Offered

      • Practical Nurse Diploma (PN)
      • Associate of Science in Nursing Degree



  • New England Institute of Technology +
    • Programs Offered

      • Associate Degree in Nursing
      • RN to BSN - Online



  • Rhode Island College +
    • Programs Offered

      • Basic Baccalaureate Program
      • Basic Baccalaureate Program For Second Degree Candidates (Accelerated Option)
      • RN to BSN Program
      • Master of Science in Nursing



  • Salve Regina University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Pre-Licensure Track (BSN)
      • Degree Completion Track



  • University of Rhode Island +
    • Programs Offered

      • Bachelor of Science (Traditional)
      • Bachelor of Science (RN to BSN)
      • Master of Science
      • Doctor of Philosophy
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice
      • Post-Masters Certificate