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Even with a nursing workforce of over 100,000, Virginia remains heavily affected by the nursing shortage and by 2015, there is a predicted 28% shortfall of Virginian nurses. However, all sectors of nursing are experiencing high employment rates as the nation recovers from the recession. There are a surplus of positions available for nurses from all backgrounds. For example, nurses with associate’s degrees will easily find work as licensed practical and vocational nurses or as nurse’s assistants. Nurses with bachelor’s degrees will enjoy the multitude of registered nurse positions across the state’s hospitals, outpatient care services and physician’s offices. Further, nurses prepared with a master’s degree are twice as likely to find work in Virginia as nurse anesthetists than in other states. A few of the top employers of nurses in Virginia include Central Virginia Training Center, Carilion Raonoke Memorial Hospital, and Inova Faifax Hospital.


About Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia, as the state is officially named, was nicknamed the “Mother of Presidents,” as a total of eight former Presidents of the United States were born in the “Old Dominion” state. The capital of Virginia is Richmond and the largest city is Virginia Beach. Geographical assets to the South Atlantic state include the Blue Ridge Mountains, Chesapeake Bay, the Shenandoah Valley, and the Cumberland Plateau. Virginia remains an “employment-at-will” state and boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. The flourishing economy thrives on the technology industry, agriculture, federal agencies, military facilities, and secondary education institutes.

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Nursing programs offered in Virginia

  • Eastern Mennonite University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Traditional Nursing Major
      • RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
      • LPN-RN
      • Traditional Second Degree Program
      • Accelerated Second Degree Program
      • Master of Science in Nursing



  • George Mason University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Traditional Pathway, BSN
      • RN to BSN Pathway
      • Accelerated Second Degree Pathway, BSN
      • MSN
      • DNP
      • PhD



  • James Madison University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
      • RN to BSN Completion Program
      • Master of Science in Nursing
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice



  • Liberty University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Nursing BSN - Residential
      • Nursing RN to BSN - Online
      • Master of Science in Nursing - Online



  • Virginia Commonwealth University +
    • Programs Offered

      • Traditional BSN Program
      • Accelerated BSN Program
      • RN-BS Completion Program
      • Master of Science in Nursing
      • Post Master's Certificate Program
      • PhD
      • Post MS to PhD