3 Reasons Second-Time Students Succeed in Nursing School

So, you want to return to school after working for a while? You’ve made an excellent choice by looking into nursing. Nursing is a fast-growing career where people are compensated well and make a difference in society each day.

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3 Reasons Second-Time Students Succeed in Nursing School

That said, returning to school after a matter of years (maybe even decades) can be frightening. A lot has changed in the recent past when it comes to education. The internet and online capabilities play a much bigger role than ever before.  If you’re going back to school after many years, you may be surprised by how much has changed.

But, your life experience has probably taught you a lot. You’ve gained skills on the job that you might not have mastered the first time you were in school. You can bring important knowledge about the workplace and apply it in the classroom.

Here are three reasons second-time students succeed in nursing school:

  1. They know how to juggle multiple tasks. Multitasking is an important skill in nursing school. With demands ranging from clinicals to reading chapters upon chapters of books, nursing school will keep you on your toes.
  2. They know what they want to do. Nothing can teach you more about what you want to do with your life than a previous career you didn’t like. That professional experience helps second-time students make good choices about their future.
  3. They know how to build networks. Networking plays an important role in any career, and many of us struggled through it when we were young. Returning students know which connections will help them down the line and how to make them.

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