6 Test-Taking Tips for the TEAS

When it comes to nursing entrance exams, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a common admissions requirement for many nursing programs.

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6 Test Taking Tips for the TEAS

Each school has its own scoring requirements, but smart preparation and test taking is universal. Take to heart these 6 tips for putting your best foot forward on exam day.

1. Don’t cram the night before.

Your best studying will be accomplished in the weeks and months leading up to the test; now it’s time to prepare yourself for the physical tasks of exam day, such as filling your gas tank, visiting the ATM for parking money, etc. You also want to get a good night’s sleep. The exam itself is three and a half hours long; you won’t perform well if you’re nodding off in your chair.

2. Know where you’re going.

Many exam sites require you to check in well before start time and even close the doors early to discourage stragglers. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make transporting yourself to and from the site as stress-free as possible. Prior to the big day, map out your route to the site. If you’re taking public transportation, find your stop and learn the route schedule. If you’re driving, study the route online for construction detours and closings. But don’t stop at the front door. If you have access to the building, find the room where your exam is being administered as well.

3. Pack light.

Sites have strict rules regarding what you can and can’t bring into the test room. It’s likely you’ll be required to have a valid photo ID, your username and password from test developer ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, Inc.), your registration receipt and two #2 pencils. Calculators and mobile devices are usually prohibited. Scratch paper is provided by the exam site. Check with your site for an official list of what to bring.

4. Read the full question.

This is one time you don’t want to skim. Understand the directions for each content section and pay close attention to the wording of individual questions. Don’t read half of the question and assume you know what’s coming.

5. Take it one question at a time.

Now is not the time to analyze your performance on previous questions or anticipate what’s coming next. Stay in the moment and concentrate on the question in front of you.

6. Keep it moving.

A common piece of advice for test-taking is to trust your instincts. If more than one answer seems correct, read the question again, choose the best option and move on. You don’t want to spend so much time on one question that you run out of time for the section.

For more info on what the TEAS is, how it’s scored and where to find study resources, download our free TEAS prep guide.