How Your First Bachelor’s Degree Will Help in Nursing School

Returning to nursing school requires a lot of time and commitment, and you may feel that you are restarting your entire life. However, returning to school does not nullify your first degree. Here is how the most popular majors will help you in nursing school.

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Business Administration

It may seem that business and nursing are on completely opposite ends of the career spectrum, but having a degree in business could be incredibly helpful in nursing school. If you already have a degree in business, you’ve learned about budgeting, organizing, hiring and managing employees, as well as basic accounting principles and human resources functions. While it may not be obvious, some nurses use these skills every day.

If you choose to become a nursing administrator, you will be in charge of managing the team of nurses working with you and deciding on a budget. Your communication skills will be beneficial in your labs and clinicals when you work with your peers and real patients. Both business majors and nurses must analyze data to make the most informed decisions for their clients. Business majors are also familiar with working with numbers, so the math involved in nursing will be a familiar area.


Psychology majors typically aim to help people, so choosing to earn a degree in nursing is no far stretch for them. Psychology majors are already familiar with the intensive studying required of nursing majors and are used to learning advanced medical concepts to apply to patients. Psych majors are used to the sometimes stressful atmospheres of the medical field and will be prepared to deal with any situations that arise, whether while taking classes, attending clinicals or working as a nurse. People who work in the psych field must be organized in order to work with multiple patients. Organization is a key skill to have while balancing your studies and later on when working with different patients.


Biologists may have a foot up in returning to school for nursing. Not only do they already understand science, but they may have already completed any prerequisites schools deem necessary before acceptance into a nursing program.

Biology majors have an understanding of basic life functions, and nursing school will refine that education. Scientists are dedicated to solving problems, so nursing school is a natural next step in education. Scientists already understand complex scientific jargon, which will help when taking all classes, labs and clinicals.


Nursing is a never-ending quest to continue to educate yourself. Even once nursing school is finished, many must continue an informal education to provide patients with the best care. Not only are nurses continuing to learn, but they also continue to teach. Teaching hospitals and clinics are meant to help the next generation of medical professionals learn under the tutelage of current nurses, doctors and medical staff. Nursing students work alongside professionals on a daily basis, learning from the senior nurses and doctors. Nurses typically explain medical jargon to their patients and families, helping them understand what diagnoses mean and how to administer medications.


Communication degrees are all about properly communicating, whether in a classroom, a business or a medical community. These highly developed skills will help when working with your fellow nurses and ensuring doctors have every bit of information they may need on a patient. Communications majors are typically comfortable in front of crowds, so explaining a diagnosis to a patient or family may be easier for you.

Computer Sciences

It may not be obvious how an education in coding and software development can be helpful in nursing school, but being computer savvy is becoming more and more important in our tech-driven world. Nurses who are computer literate become more valuable as manual paperwork loses ground to digital work.

Computer science majors are used to finding the roots of problems they may face with computer software, and it can sometimes be caused by something so minute it’s easy to glance over. The ability to examine seemingly inconsequential data and see how it affects the bigger picture will help in nursing school when taking various subjects, such as human physiology.

If you’re interested in using your current bachelor’s degree in nursing school, take a look at the various schools where you can continue your education.