5 Hacks for Getting into Nursing School

Are you nervous about your chances of getting into nursing school? We have 5 hacks to help you get into a nursing program including considering accelerated programs, being open to relocating for nursing school, and more. We can help connect you to a nursing program to suit your needs.

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As a nation, we need registered nurses ― lots of them. So why is it that thousands of qualified students across the country are having a tough time getting into nursing school? It’s because most schools don’t have the capacity to accept them. While this may sound discouraging, there are actually several options out there for you to explore.

1. Consider an Accelerated Nursing Program

In the wake of faculty shortages, several schools are adding online components to their nursing programs to increase instructor bandwidth. Hybrid Accelerated BSN (ABSN) programs, which comprise online coursework, hands-on nursing labs and clinical rotations, are great examples.

By hosting fundamental coursework online, these programs can accept a higher number of qualified students than traditional classroom-based options. However, most hybrid nursing programs require you to have some form of non-nursing undergraduate education to qualify.

2. Look for Nursing Programs with Multiple Terms

While many nursing programs have one start date a year, most ABSN programs, because of their compressed curriculum and accelerated timeframe, offer as many as three start dates a year. By spacing out these start dates, more students may increase their chances of getting into nursing school sooner. This strategy allows more available seats because many students will be in different stages of their education.

This can also be beneficial for prospective students. With multiple start dates per year, students can shape their education around their schedule and life in a way that best fits them. And, without having to wait a year for the next start date, having them staggered throughout the year helps many students get a jump start on their already accelerated education.

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3. Apply to a Nursing School with Rolling Admissions

Rolling admissions means that a nursing school reviews applications as they come in, rather than waiting for the submission deadline to pass. Because these schools aren’t evaluating applicants all at once, they’re able to provide students with an admissions decision within a few weeks of applying. Not only will this allow you peace of mind or the ability to change course when receiving a speedy decision, but, if accepted, the process also makes it possible for you to secure a seat for a particular program term before other students have even applied. Overall, especially if you apply early, rolling admissions can often get you a leg up to getting into a program.

4. Find a Nursing School with Admissions Support

Not all nursing school admissions teams are created equal. While some don’t return phone calls, others offer students a high level of personalized support. A good rule of thumb is, again, to look into schools that have an accelerated nursing program with multiple start dates. Aside from the benefits we already addressed, chances are that if a school has a high enrollment capacity, they also have ample staff to provide admissions support. Thereby, the more support you get, the more competitive your nursing school application will be, as admissions staff can often fill you in on what the school is looking for in their applicants and can give you advice on how to become more competitive. Not to mention, the more you speak with an admissions representative you’ll be able to get a feel for whether the program is a good fit.

5. Consider Relocating for Nursing School

Some accelerated nursing programs are easier to get into simply because of their location. In California, for example, there’s an overall lack of nursing school capacity, which makes getting into nursing school there extremely difficult. But in bordering states, such as Nevada and Oregon, student competition can be a lot less fierce, so your chances of getting into a program are much higher. Being flexible and open to relocation for nursing school may just help your odds of getting into an accelerated program.

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