How to Find Nursing School Scholarships

Returning to school to earn your nursing degree takes a lot of organization and planning. You are faced with understanding the work that will go into your new career, finding the right nursing program for you and your family and figuring out how to pay for your education.

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Luckily, paying for your nursing education does not mean you have to break the bank. Along with traditional student loans, future nurses can also apply for various scholarships.

So where can you find nursing school scholarships?

Nursing School Websites

Before spending hours looking up various scholarship websites, go to your school’s website. Your school wants to help you succeed, so many will list financial aid options. Take a look at the scholarships suggested by the school. Even a smaller scholarship of a couple hundred dollars can cover the textbooks you’ll need. Before you apply for a scholarship, make sure you meet the qualifications. You may qualify for one based on where you live, your income or your past education.

Nursing School Scholarship Websites

1. Johnson&Johnson Discover Nursing

This site allows you to take a look at many of the available scholarships for nursing students. You can search for scholarships based on the state you planning on studying in as well as your education level. It also displays the requirements applicants should meet.

2. American Association of College of Nurses

The AACN provides a list of various nursing scholarships with a short description of the scholarship. Many of these scholarships apply to nurses seeking bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees.

3. outlines the various scholarships available to various students. Deadlines are included, as well as some background on the scholarships. It even offers scholarships for students in specific years of their nursing students. Don’t feel like you can’t get a scholarship just because you are in your second year of your nursing education.


Many of those who want to start a career as a nurse are second-time college students. Whether they lost their jobs or are simply unhappy in their current career path, these students are eager to start their new lives. There are scholarships created for adults returning to college. Earning one of these scholarships allow them to go back to school without worrying about taking additional money away from family expenses or adding on more student loans to those that may already exist.

5. Find Nursing Schools’ Nursing School Scholarships

Find Nursing School’s provides a list of 20 scholarships available for nurses. It isn’t a complete list of everything available to you, however it can give you a place to start.

Go Army

The army needs nurses just as much as hospitals and clinics. By joining the army as a nurse, you will be able to serve your country and work in a career you love. You could work as a nurse anesthetist, a critical care nurse, emergency room nurse or a family nurse practitioner, among many other options. Not only can you get a bonus from signing up, but the army also repays loans for nursing school. While it may not be considered a traditional scholarship, it does work as a retro-grade scholarship, so you won’t be stuck with hefty student loans.

Your Current Employer

One of the nation’s most recognizable brands, Starbucks will help it’s employees return to college by paying for some of the tuition. And Starbucks isn’t the only company that helps students achieve their dreams. AT&T, Home Depot, and Google offer employees the chance to further their education. And of course the company of dreams, Disney, has a college plan as well. Be sure to check with your company. Even if the tuition they offer is relatively small, it can help pay for supplies or textbooks.

If you are currently working as a nurse and want to continue your education, sometimes hospitals offer tuition reimbursement. Check with your employer; it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? You can start a brand new life by finding the right nursing school today.