5 Nursing Schools on the East Coast to Consider for Your BSN

If you are considering nursing schools on the East Coast, one of these five ABSN programs may be the right fit for you. Whether you are exploring. nursing schools in NJ, PA, MA, NY, or MD, you have excellent nursing school options located in thriving communities.

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When you decide to become a nurse, you begin an exciting and challenging journey. The most important part of this endeavor is choosing a nursing school that fits you, your values, and your lifestyle needs.

Whichever nursing school you choose will be where you put down roots in your day-to-day life and career. Many nursing students eventually work in the hospital or facility where they complete clinical rotations. Choosing a nursing school in an area where you intend to work can be instrumental in building your nursing career on a solid foundation.

If you want to become a nurse on the East Coast, numerous opportunities are available in areas with access to high-quality nursing facilities. Here are five nursing schools on the East Coast for you to explore.

Felician University – Parsippany, NJ, and Rutherford, NJ

If you are interested in nursing schools in NJ, Felician University ABSN is an excellent option. Felician University's hybrid ABSN learning site is in Parsippany, New Jersey, a suburb of New York City. New Jersey is called the "Medicine Chest of the World" and is home to many top pharmaceutical companies and the site of numerous clinical trials. This makes New Jersey an excellent place to begin a career in nursing. It is also a lovely place to live, with attractions such as Met Life Stadium, Asbury Park, and many large, beautiful municipal parks.

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Felician University offers a fully accredited ABSN program with a 16-month hybrid option in Parsippany and an 18-month on-ground option in Rutherford. The Felician ABSN program provides high-tech experiences that thoroughly prepare you for nursing practice while founding education in values of love, service, respect, and truth.

Learn more about Felician University by completing their online form today. Their admissions team will contact you and help you take the next steps.

Misericordia University – Coraopolis, PA

PA has many quality nursing schools, including Misericordia University's ABSN program in Coraopolis, near Pittsburgh. Not only is Pittsburgh a city with a thriving culture and many areas to explore, but it is also an excellent place to begin a nursing career. Pittsburgh has even been ranked as a top job market for millennials. Explore its popular museums, numerous bridges, and iconic cityscape, all while earning your nursing degree.

Misericordia is a faith-based, fully accredited university prioritizing mercy, service, justice, and hospitality. These values are evident in the nursing program, where the curriculum centers on patient care while upholding a quality nursing education. The ABSN program can be completed in as few as 16 months if you have earned at least 30 previous non-nursing college credits from an accredited institution and have completed all required prerequisites.

Explore Misericordia's ABSN program near Pittsburgh by contacting their admissions team. They will answer any additional questions you may have.

Northeastern University in Boston – Burlington, MA, and Charlotte, NC

Northeastern's ABSN program is a great place to attend nursing school, with Massachusetts being the perfect location to begin a nursing career. The ABSN learning site in beautiful, suburban Burlington offers easy access to Boston's popular historical and metro areas. Many enjoy the East Coast experience during nursing school, with much to do and many nursing opportunities in the same place.

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Northeastern has been rated among the top 20 nursing schools in the nation. Clinical rotations at reputable hospitals in the Boston and Charlotte areas help students build upon their online and lab learning to enter the workplace as fully competent nurses. The ABSN program is designed for students with a previous non-nursing bachelor's degree to complete their BSN in as few as 16 months.

If you are looking for nursing schools in MA, Northeastern may be right for you. Contact an admissions counselor to learn more about the ABSN program.

Notre Dame of Maryland University – Elkridge, MD and Baltimore, MD

There are many nursing schools in Maryland, but Notre Dame of Maryland University's Accelerated 2nd Degree ABSN program certainly stands out. The learning site in Elkridge is near Baltimore, a thriving, high-tech metropolitan area with much to explore. Not only that, but there are many career and networking opportunities with medical facilities such as Johns Hopkins, Mercy Hospital, and St. Agnes. Because of this, ABSN graduates have many options within the Elkridge-Baltimore area.

The accelerated nursing program at NDMU is ideal for individuals transitioning to nursing on a non-traditional timeline. They offer two options: a hybrid program in Elkridge and an in-person program in Baltimore. This allows students to graduate in as few as 15 months while receiving a holistic and comprehensive education infused with Catholic values. In fact, NDMU was the first Catholic college to offer bachelor's degrees to women, making it a revolutionary and historic university.

Discover whether Notre Dame of Maryland University is right for you by completing this online form. Their qualified admissions team will answer any questions and help you take the next step in your career.

Utica University – Syracuse, NY and Albany, NY

As for nursing schools in NY, Utica University's ABSN program in Syracuse and Albany prepares students for a successful nursing career on a shorter timeline. Nearby hospitals such as St. Peter's and Albany Memorial Hospital are excellent places to gain experience during clinicals for future practice. But that isn't all. As the state's capital, Albany is full of historical and cultural experiences and has become a popular place to live in recent years.

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Utica prioritizes classical and innovative values grounded in ethics, community, lifelong learning, and the well-being of others. They take pride in being easily accessible, and their ABSN program is designed for non-traditional and transfer students. This 16-month ABSN program is made possible by combining online coursework, on-site labs, and in-person clinicals so that students graduate and enter the New York nursing workforce fully prepared.

Explore nursing in New York by contacting the admissions team at Utica University ABSN today.

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