Top 5 Places to Study that You May Have Never Thought to Try

Do you need to add some spice to your study routine? Are you sick of the library, local coffee shops and all the standard study spaces? Are you looking to try something different?

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unique study locations

If so, we have solved your problem. Here are 5 less common places to study that you may have never considered.

  1. Local Pub – Now I wouldn’t recommend going to your local pub at 7 pm on a Friday night. However, 2 pm on a Tuesday, your local pub is likely pretty slow. When the pub is slower, you are likely to have your pick of a seat. You can then cozy up next to a big window, study and snack.
  2. Your Own DIY Study Space – Make a space of your own that caters to your learning style and your design preferences. The folks at LittleGreenNoteBook put together a great blog post with lots of DIY study space examples. My favorite is the closet desk. The area goes to show that even if you don’t have a ton of free space, you can make a space that works for you.
  3. Campus Computer Lab – Whatever school you attend, there is bound to be a computer lab. Computer labs are generally relatively quiet and are a great place to do some research.
  4. Local Park or Garden – Do you like fresh air? I know I do. If you don’t need internet access grab a blanket and pack your bags and head to your local park or garden. This will force you to stay off Facebook (and Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any other website that might find yourself on) and help you stay focused. You may also want to consider turning the cell phone off as well if you want to go completely natural and unplugged.
  5. Bookstore – Everyone likes to study at coffee shops and in the library. However, not everyone thinks about studying at a bookstore. If your town still has a bookstore, you might find that it’s a little less crowded than the library or coffee shop, but it still has many of the same great features – caffeinated drinks, quite areas and lots of resources.

Do you have a favorite study space that we didn’t mention? If so leave your recommendation below in the comment section.