What NOT to Do in Nursing School

We talk a lot about what you should do in nursing school, but what shouldn’t you do. Here are a few things that we think a nursing student should never do.

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Group of nursing students in scrubs

DON’T argue with your instructors.

In nursing school, there can be many correct answers to questions. It is about finding the MOST correct answer. Therefore, if you received a bad grade, do not get bent out of shape and dispute the grade without considering that your answer may not have been adequate for this situation. Instead, set up a time to meet with your instructor to discuss the questions you missed. Although you may believe you are correct, learning the difference between correct and the most correct solution could save a life.

DON’T overbook yourself.

From the moment you enroll in nursing school, you commit the greater portion of your time and attention to your education. This means that other aspects of your life, like your social life or extracurricular activities, are put on hold. It is important that you convey the commitment you made to nursing school to your friends and family to make sure they know that your free time will be very sparse. Do not worry about trying to make every night out with your friends or every Sunday dinner with your family. Worry about becoming the best possible nurse and maintaining a schedule that allows you to get adequate sleep and exercise when you are not at school or studying.

DON’T procrastinate.

This one is a no-no for all students, but especially nursing students. You never know how long an assignment will take you until you actually begin it, so get it done early so you have more than enough time and can use the rest of the time studying. Even after the assignment is complete, make sure that you understand the concepts that were covered as they will come up later on a test and in your future career as a nurse.

DON’T wear your scrubs around town.

During nursing school and in your future career, scrubs become like a second skin. However, they are still a uniform and should be saved for clinicals. This doesn’t mean you can never be seen in public in your scrubs if you need to run an errand or do something quick, but it does mean no going to bars wearing your uniform. Imagine if your instructor saw you holding a beer wearing your scrubs! Also, scrubs are often worn in sterile environments, and it is important that your scrubs are clean. So, wearing them to the barbeque joint down the street is not in your best interest.

DON’T sell your books after the end of the semester or delete documents.

As you study different lessons in classes, it is critical that you maintain an understanding and knowledge of each topic from previous lessons. Never assume the lesson is over after the test has been passed. Stay organized so that you are able to reference previous readings and assignments easily in case a term slips your mind. Bookmark and highlight important sections in the books and save important links to resources you use.

Do you have  more to add to the list of things nursing students shouldn’t do? Share them with us in the comment section below!