Nursing Schools With No Waitlists

Despite registered nurses being in high demand, nursing schools across the country are either rejecting or waitlisting thousands of qualified applicants every year. It’s because these schools, for various reasons, can’t expand their class sizes. But believe it or not, nursing schools with no waitlists exist. So if you can’t wait to become a nurse, there are things you can do to set your education in motion.

  • Apply to nursing programs with multiple start dates a year. Many accelerated nursing programs offer as many as three start dates a year. Some schools even have multiple enrollment locations for their accelerated programs.
  • Look for nursing programs with an online learning component. Given that faculty shortages contribute to the waiting game, it helps to apply to online-based accelerated nursing programs. By having students complete their fundamental coursework online, nursing schools can increase their teaching bandwidth, which leads to higher enrollment capacity. 
  • Move where there’s less student competition. If you live on the West Coast, mainly California, you face serious student competition. Your chances of being waitlisted are significantly lower in the Midwest or on the East Coast.
  • Attend a lesser-known nursing school. In many cases, the more popular the university, the more student competition there is. By applying to an accredited nursing program at an underrated university, there’s less of a chance you’ll be waitlisted.

If you’re currently stuck on a nursing school waitlist, you could be there for quite some time. Do you want to start your nursing career in five years or less than two? If it’s the latter, complete our online form to have an admissions representative contact you about your no waitlist nursing school options.

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