Burn Nursing

Learn More about Becoming a Burn Nurse and Helping with Injury Care

Burn nurses usually work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and provide care for both children and adults with thermal, chemical, and electrical burns or hypothermia. These nurses may care for the patient throughout rehabilitation and must have specialized knowledge in how to care for a wide variety of burns and related wounds. In severe burn cases, end-of-life treatment and activity may also be required.

Preparation Path

  • Get your BSN
  • Take the NCLEX to become an RN
  • Gain experience in burn nursing

Annual Salary Range
$59,700 – 85,500

Typical Tasks

  • Providing immediate post-injury care and pain management
  • Cleaning and dressing wounds
  • Prepping patients for surgery
  • Providing post-operative care
  • Educating patients about ongoing care and recovery
  • Supervising end-of-life treatment and activity in some cases

Employment Settings

Primarily hospital ICUs and burn units



Education Requirements


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