Military Nursing

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Military nurses provide all aspects of traditional nursing care to members of the military in both peace and wartime settings. Assignments can require travel to anywhere in the U.S. or overseas. Military nurses are called upon not just to treat soldiers but also to provide humanitarian nursing care to civilians who fall victim to war injuries or natural disasters.

Preparation Path

  • Attain a BSN
  • Work with a military recruiter to attend military programs and training exercises during nursing school
  • Pass the NCLEX and become an RN
  • Pass the military’s medical and physical fitness requirements

Annual Salary Range
$58,000 – 103,339

Typical Tasks

  • Setting up triage in war zones
  • Treating soldiers who have been wounded in battle
  • Administering medications
  • Assisting physicians in surgical procedures
  • Caring for wounds and helping to manage pain
  • Comforting the sick and injured

Employment Settings

  • Military hospitals
  • Naval vessels
  • Military bases
  • Combat zones


RN. Specific certifications for military nurses don’t exist, but military nurses can become certified in their specialty area.

Education Requirements


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