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Occupational Health Nursing

Learn How to Become an Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational health nurses combine health care expertise with a knowledge of business, assisting with the prevention of injuries in a wide range of work environments. They help employers implement health and safety standards and monitor the health-related impact on employees of their job tasks and work environment.

Occupational health nurses work closely with employers to develop customized health and safety programs. They also work closely with employees by assessing their medical histories and health risk level on the job, addressing work-related health issues complaints, conducting physical examinations, and sharing results of diagnostic tests.

Preparation Path

Earn your BSN

Pass the NCLEX and become an RN

Get at least 3,000 hours of experience in occupational health

Pass your occupational health nurse certification exam and become a COHN

Typical Tasks

  • Documenting employee injury or illness
  • Appraising work environments for potential hazards
  • Managing occupational and non-occupational illness and injury
  • Interpreting medical diagnoses to both employees and their employers
  • Developing safety programs at hospitals

Employment Settings

  • Public health clinics
  • Private practices
  • Schools
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Factories and large corporations

Annual Salary Range

$61,000 – $84,000


RN, Occupational Health Nurse Certification (COHN)

Education Requirements


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