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Orthopedic Nursing

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Orthopedic nurses evaluate how these types of problems will interfere with patients’ daily lives, and assist in providing the proper treatment to help patients overcome or live with their conditions. This can include teaching patients new ways to conduct personal tasks, helping them redesign their personal space for better functionality, and providing them with information about resources, such as support groups or assistance programs. When musculoskeletal problems require surgery, orthopedic nurses assist doctors with the operation and help them later with recovering their mobility and strength.

Preparation Path

Earn your BSN

Pass the NCLEX and become an RN

Work as an RN for at least two years

Pass your orthopedic nurse certification exam and become an ONC

Typical Tasks

  • Providing treatment plans to help patients
  • Assisting orthopedic doctors with operations
  • Helping patients recover mobility and strength

Employment Settings

  • General hospital
  • Specialty clinic
  • Private practice
  • Nursing home facility

Annual Salary Range

$69,500 – $120,500


RN, Certified Orthopedic Nurse (ONC)

Education Requirements


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