School Nursing

Learn How to Become a School Nurse

School nurses treat students in all types of school and educational settings. They are responsible for administering treatment, emergency care, and comfort to students who become ill or injured during school hours. Their responsibilities also include preventing the spread of disease or illness, since schools are often highly contagious environments.

School nurses must also be aware of any potential outbreaks or epidemics and educate parents and students on measures to prevent the spread of the illness.  School nurses may also address the relationship between students’ health (both mental and physical) and academic performance.

Preparation Path

  • Earn your BSN
  • Pass the NCLEX and become an RN
  • Gain three years of full-time academic experience or at least 4,000 hours of clinical practice (depends on your state)

Annual Salary Range
$49,000 – 71,500

Typical Tasks

  • Taking vital signs
  • Recording symptoms
  • Administering basic medical aid
  • Educating students on health care and growth development

Employment Settings

  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Colleges and universities


RN, School Nurse Certification through the National Board for Certification of School Nurses

Education Requirements


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