Telephone Triage Nursing

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Also known as telehealth nurses, telephone triage nurses help patients over the phone, answering immediate questions and determining what type of additional care and next steps are needed. Telephone triage nurses must be especially adept at assessing patients with limited information. As such, telephone triage nurses specialize in one-to-one communication, asking specific questions so they may provide quick recommendations. Sometimes telephone triage nurses will look up patients’ files and medical records while on the phone in order to understand their histories and better assist them.

Preparation Path

  • Get your BSN
  • Pass your NCLEX and become an RN
  • You may take continuing education courses in risk and crisis management

Annual Salary Range
$64,149 – 79,505

Typical Tasks

  • Assisting and consulting with patients over the phone
  • Scheduling appointments and referring patients to specialists
  • Teaching patients how to manage their symptoms

Employment Settings

  • Telephone triage centers
  • Clinics
  • Managed care companies
  • Insurance companies



Education Requirements


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